👋 Hi, I'm TJ Maynes.

Software Developer & XP Coach

👨‍💻 What I'm working on

I build web experiences at Kohl's Technology Center using Typescript/React and Spring Boot. Also, I'm an Extreme Programming (XP) coach helping grow XP practitioners across Kohl's Technology organization.

I 💖 product development, developer enablement 🤝, and automating the hard things 🤖.

🔌 What services I offer

Feel free to contact me if you need consultation on the following:

  • Full-stack, agile product development practices enablement
  • Implementing Extreme Programming (XP) within your team/organization
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines and test-driving legacy systems/codebases

👨‍🚀 Some projects I'm proud of

  • Image Analyzer - a NextJS app that allows users to analyze images using MobileNet (via TensorflowJS), image descriptions from ChatGPT, and hosted on Cloudflare Pages
  • Developer Workstation - Ansible playbooks for managing my developer workstations across Macos & Ubuntu
  • Career - My resume & CV written in LaTeX

🌎 Where I'm coding from

Rochester, Minnesota (Central Timezone)