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My name is TJ Maynes and I'm a passionate, agile Software Developer focusing on Fullstack development using Javascript/Typescript, React, Nodejs, PostgreSQL and Kubernetes.

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InDebted USA

On July 19th, 2022, I started my first day working at InDebted USA on the Internal Client Tooling team. Our team is responsible for building and managing internal tools that help our Customer Success and Support teams manage client accounts and other useful things.

VMware Tanzu Labs

September 15th, 2019 was my first day as a Consultant at Pivotal Labs. Since then, we've since been rebranded as VMware Tanzu Labs and I've worked on 12+ software enablement and delivery engagements. I've pushed Swift/SwiftUI, Spring, .NET Core, Typescript/React, Kubernetes YAMLs and Bash to production environments.

VMware Tanzu Labs is a fantastic place to work and if your interested in working there, I highly recommend checking out the careers site.


On December 1st, 2016, I started my first day on a newly formed product team within the Content Distribution department at NBCUniversal. At NBCUniversal, our team was responsible for managing and adding new features to the MSNBC, Eonline, Syfy, Oxygen, Telemundo, USA, and Universo. Much of my time at NBCUniversal was spent working on backend services, (sole developer for) one website for the World Cup and automating our AWS infrastructure.

I had an amazing time with some really talent people and great friends whom have influenced my career and my life.


May of 2015 was a busy month for me. In the span of a month:

  1. I graduated from the University of South Florida
  2. I accepted an offer to work at Rejuvenan Global Health.
  3. I moved from Florida to New Jersey with my future fiancée, Emily Baron.

Rejuvenan is a stealth health-tech startup in Mid-town Manhattan that specialized in creating a health plan for customers based on their blood tests and telomere science. At Rejuvenan I was the sole iOS developer of the Rejuvenan iOS app. I worked closely with fullstack Ruby on Rails team whom influenced my first foray into test-driven development and pair programming.

Having my first full-time job at Rejuvenan was a gift and I'll never forget the team that took a chance on me.

Spatial Networks

While studying for my Computer Science degree, I accepted a Web Developer Internship at Spatial Networks, a company developing an iOS and Android app for geospatial data collection called Fulcrum. At Spatial Networks, I learned how to contribute to a Ruby on Rails codebase with a small, yet mighty, team of developers.

You can learn more from my CV.